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Solution Solvent Solute - Definition and Difference

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Understanding Solution and its different elements

Solution: A solution forms when a substance dissolves or breaks apart into another substance.

Solute: The substance that dissolves to form a solution is called a solute.

Solvent: The substance in which a solute will dissolve is called a solvent.

Example of Solution, Solute, and Solvent:

In a sugar-water solution, sugar is the solute, and water are the solvent.

The water dissolves the sugar.

Another example is the saltwater solution. The substance that dissolves in water is table salt. Salt is a solute in this case and it dissolves in water to form a saltwater (a solvent) solution.

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How does a Solute Dissolve in a Solvent? | Solutions | Chemistry | Don't Memorise

When a solute and solvent mix to form solutions what goes on at the molecular level. When does a solution become saturated? What is the solubility of the solution? .Watch this video to know the answer to these questions.

In this video, we will learn:
0:00 Introduction
00:37 How does a solute dissolve in a solvent
2:09 dissolution
2:17 crystallization
2:56 saturated solution
4:05 solubility of the solution

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