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What is RS485 and How it's used in Industrial Control Systems?

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What is RS232 and What is it used for?


Today you will learn about RS 485. If you are familiar with RS232, then you may already know a little bit about it.

Just like it’s older brother RS232, RS485 is a form of serial communication. Think of RS485 as the younger, faster brother of RS232.

What made it such an advancement over RS232 was the fact that it could transmit not only a single device to device transmission, but also a communications bus to connect multiple devices at once.

The configuration and specifications of RS 485 make it faster and extend the range of data transmission.

You aren’t limited to fifty feet of cable like with RS 232. The maximum cable length for RS 485 is typically listed as 1200 meters or about 4000 feet.


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A special thanks to Frederico Duarte Fagundes for translating this video.

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모드버스 프로토콜 1부 - RS485의 이해(1/2)

모드버스 프로토콜에 관한 강의 입니다.
RS485, 시리얼 통신에 대한 설명부터 시작합니다.

SparkFun According to Pete #54 - How RS-485 Works

Spring is upon us! And with Spring comes… industrial applications?

RS-485 is a hard-wired bus architecture that offers a good compromise of data rate and distance, and it can get the job done where you can’t otherwise use WiFi or Bluetooth due to it’s great noise immunity. Capable of point-to-point and multipoint linear networks, RS-485 has been the goto data bus for industrial apps since the late 1990’s. In this episode of ATP, we explore what RS-485 actually is and how it works. So sit back with a coffee and a scone, or maybe a bag of Doritos and some Mountain Dew, and learn yerself something about RS-485!

Docs you should check out:

TBS-89-A (specifics on setting up your own RS-485 network):

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